It’s a Wonderful Life
Directed by Kimberly Niles
Written by James W. Rodgers
Based on the film by Frank Capra and the story by Philip Van Doren Stern

Please review auditions instructions below and Conflict Calendar WL before requesting appointment.

By appointment only
Monday, October 7, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Tuesday, October 8, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
For an audition appointment, email with name, age, grade level, phone #, preferred date, and which hour you are most available 6PM – 7PM, or 7PM – 8PM.  OR call 585-935-7173 and leave a message.  You will receive email/call with your appointment time. We will try to accommodate your requested time.

CALLBACKS (if called):
Wednesday, October 9, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, a few Wednesdays — see Conflict Calendar WL 2013 (you will not be called for all rehearsals).  

December 13 @ 7:30pm
December 14 @ 2pm & 7:30 pm
December 15 @ 2 pm
(Must be available for all performances!)

Calling Actors in Grades 5 – 12 — serious performers willing to work as part of a team to share their talents, refine their skills, and create a high quality show.  Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.  No experience necessary.  There are a number of adult roles that will most likely be cast with teen performers.  Please consider your commitment to the show prior to your audition, as we obviously can’t promise lead roles to everyone.  Every role, ensemble roles included, will be exciting and fun, as well as a valuable experience.



  • You’ll be asked to read a scene of the director’s choosing, from the play, so no preparation required for that part of the audition.  You may find it helpful to be familiar with the story, but the director is looking for you to make the characters your own.
  • Be ready to sing the first verse of the song “Amazing Grace.”  


  • Attend all rehearsals to which you are called.
  • $225 Commitment Fee for theater training to develop your talent in acting and character development in a supportive, nurturing environment culminating in full performances.  Includes costume fee.  Discount for siblings.  A limited amount of tuition assistance is available.
  • $50 Program Ad from a favorite business, restaurant, studio, etc. or Buy-out $50.
  • Families are asked to contribute volunteer hours in a variety of production areas to help make the show a success.  

In our American culture, It’s a Wonderful Life has become almost as familiar as Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The story is a natural for a stage adaptation: the saga of George Bailey, the Everyman from the small town of Bedford Falls, whose dreams of escape and adventure have been quashed by family obligation and civic duty, whose guardian angel has to descent on Christmas Eve to save him from despair and to remind him — by showing him what the world would have been like had he never been born — that his has been, after all, a wonderful life. This faithful adaptation has all your favorite characters: George and Mary Hatch, Clarence, Uncle Billy, Violet, and, of course, the Scrooge-like villain, Mr. Potter. This fine dramatization not only celebrates the faith of the season, it also celebrates the American philosophy of life: hard work, fair play and the love and support of one’s family and community will be rewarded.

Auditions, rehearsals and performances are held at:
875 E. Main Street
Third Floor, Auditorium Center
Rochester, NY 14605
Parking located behind the building (enter from College Ave).  Tell the attendant you are attending a Stages’ audition.

585-935-7173 (leave a message and your call will be returned) or email

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